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Ireland has a new electricity supplier - meet BEenergy

The supplier is offering one month's free electricity to new customers.

BEenergy has just entered the Irish electricity market with its ‘Freedom’ plan, and has the lowest standard unit rate and standing charge on the market.

The last time a new electricity supplier joined the Irish market was Panda Power, back in 2015. So the arrival of BEenergy, which is part of Northern Irish company Budget Energy, is big news.

BEenergy is also offering one month’s free electricity to new customers. This is capped at 422 kw/h worth of electricity, which amounts to a maximum saving of €71.80 for households signing up.

“More choice for consumers”

Talking about BEenergy’s entry to the market, Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of, said: “At the end of the day, more players in the market can only be a good thing - as it means more choice for consumers and greater competition between suppliers, which should help to drive prices down and service up.

He added that the latest CER data shows eight in ten electricity customers are on standard plans, “and BEenergy’s standard rate is the lowest one out there”.

On the market in general, he said: “In the last few months we’ve some of the biggest ever discounts on electricity plans, along with other benefits such as cash back offers from some suppliers.

“As the market continues to change, it’s likely we’ll see see even more innovations as suppliers compete to win customers - especially if new entrants continue to come into the market. All consumers have to do is shop around to take advantage and enjoy significant savings.”

Save up to €205

It’s worth noting that BEenergy don’t offer a discounted plan, so you’re unlikely to make the biggest possible savings by switching to them.

Suppliers are now offering huge year 1 discounts to new customers, as well as cashback offers as large as €175, so switching to one of these plans would be the best bet if you’re looking for big savings.

At the moment, you could save up to €205 by switching from a standard electricity plan to the cheapest deal on the market, and switching only takes a few minutes using’s free and impartial gas and electricity comparison tool.

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