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Meet Ireland’s newest energy supplier - Panda Power

Panda Power is Ireland's newest energy provider and offers customers green energy from renewable sources

Recycling company Panda recently entered the Irish electricity market under the name Panda Power. It is now a featured supplier on Switcher.ie.

Along with a €40 million investment planned for the first phase roll out, this new provider only supplies green electricity from renewable energy sources which do not impact negatively on the environment.

Domestic customers interested in switching to Panda Power can avail of a discount electricity unit rate of 13.63 cent (excluding VAT).

Q. Can you tell us about Panda Power’s background?

A. Panda Power is an electricity company with a passion for improving customer experience, reducing electricity costs and maintaining a green environment through renewable energy. Panda Power is part of the Panda Recycling Group. Panda Recycling is a waste utility provider with over 150,000 customers.

Q. How is Panda Power different from other suppliers on the market?

A: Panda Power is different from other providers because we guarantee our customers that their energy is sourced from green and renewable sources. We are proud to say that all of the electricity that we supply to our customers, comes with a guarantee of origin certificate for energy from renewable sources.

Furthermore, to encourage our customers to do their bit for the environment, we’re not charging anything extra for this electricity.

Finally, thousands of consumers across Ireland who are customers of Panda Waste are already familiar with the strong emphasis we place on customer service through our bin collection services. We are committed to providing this high level of service to our Panda Power customers.

Q. Can you describe the Panda Power philosophy in a few words?

It is simple, we offer green electricity at some of the most competitive rates in the market. ### Q. You launched quite recently, what can we expect to see from you over the coming months?

A. Panda Power will continue to offer consumers amongst the most competitive electricity rates in the market and the guarantee that all our electricity is generated through renewable energy. We want to offer existing and new customers the best value and will continue to roll out further incentives to ensure that we do so.

In addition, over the coming months we will be making a number of exciting announcements in relation to new investments and innovations that cement our green energy credentials and allow us to provide an even better service to our customers.

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