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Pettitts’ supermarkets cut costs and carbon footprint with Energia

The supermarkets are saving significantly on their energy costs thanks to work by Energia upgrading the lighting and fridges in four of their supermarkets

Pettitts’ supermarkets in Wexford have seen their carbon footprint cut by 480 tonnes thanks to Energia.

The energy provider upgraded the supermarket’s lighting and fridges systems as part of a major new grant funding scheme to incentivise Irish businesses to increase their energy efficiency while reducing their energy costs.

After an extensive audit of the Pettitt group’s stores, Energia identified significant savings that could be made from an upgrade to the lighting and refrigeration systems. Over 2,000 fluorescent lights were replaced with energy efficient LED lights in supermakrets in Gorey, Arklow and Wexford stores. The fridges in Wexford and Arklow were also upgraded - existing freezers were replaced with new sealed units.

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These changes have reduced Pettitts’ annual electricity use by roughly 1,000,000kWhs, cutting their carbon footprint by 480 tonnes of CO2 and generating yearly cost savings of almost €140,000.

The work was carried out under Energia’s “Cash for Kilowatts” scheme that provides grant funding to companies for energy efficiency projects. It means that any company spending more than €5,000 on an energy efficiency project can qualify for grant funding of up to 30% of the project value. The new scheme is open to all businesses, whether or not they are customers of Energia.

Cormac Pettitt, Director, Pettitts’ Supermarkets commented: “We are delighted with this energy efficiency work by Energia. It is helping us to significantly reduce our energy usage, which benefits the environment through a big CO2 saving. It also makes strong business sense as we save significant amounts on our energy costs.”

Cormac Mannion, Energy Service Manager, Energia said: “Our ‘Cash for Kilowatts’ scheme is an important new initiative to promote energy efficiency upgrades among Irish businesses.”

“Energia is offering companies a double incentive. They benefit from the reduction in their ongoing energy costs by installing new efficient systems in areas such as lighting and heating. Reductions of 75% and 30% in lighting and heating bills respectively are possible. But we’re also offering grant funding for up to 30% of the project cost to a business upon its completion.”

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