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SAVE up to €298 on energy bills with new deals from Energia and SSE Airtricity

The new duel-fuel deals from these suppliers were launched today.

It’s a busy time for the energy market at the moment. In recent days, the CER confirmed an increase in the PSO Levy for 2017/18, and new average energy consumption values for gas and electricity came into effect.

And just this morning, both SSE Airtricity and Energia launched new dual fuel tariffs - with significant discounts - which could save customers up to €298, when compared to standard tariffs.

Energia’s Cheapest Dual Fuel 29/28 tariff

This tariff has a 29% discount on Energia’s standard electricity rate, and 28% off gas, meaning the average consumer who switches to this plan from standard tariffs can save up to €298.

To sign up to this tariff you have to pay by Direct Debit, and receive bills online.

SSE Airtricity’s 25/20 Dual Fuel tariff

Meanwhile, SSE Airtricity’s new tariff has a 25% discount on electricity, and 20% off gas. Switching to this plan could save you €289 compared to standard tariffs.

Again, you’ll need to sign up for Direct Debit and eBills to avail of these discounts.

On top of this, SSE Airtricity has also launched a tariff today which offers 10% off gas and electricity, along with €200 in welcome credit.

With this tariff, the savings on each bill will be lower than you would get with the 25% and 20% discounts, but you’ll have €200 credit added to your SSE Airtricity account instead.

In addition, SSE Airtricity has announced new ‘Easypay’ features to its plans. Customers can add:

  • a gas boiler service to their bill for €8 per month over 12 months;
  • a Climote™ remote heating control system with mobile app for €12 per month over 24 months; or
  • A Climote™ and two years’ annual gas boiler servicing for €18 per month over 24 months.

While this will obviously up the cost of your monthly bill, it could help if you’d rather not pay one lump sum for your boiler service, for example.

Smart thermostats like the Climote™ are also becoming increasingly popular - including one of these as part of your monthly plan could save you in the long-run as you’ll be able to actively manage your home heating via the app.

Dual fuel - v- separate gas and electricity suppliers

If you have both gas and electricity in your home, you can choose to sign up for a dual fuel tariff, or go with a different supplier for each fuel.

May people favour dual fuel plans as it means you just deal with one supplier, rather than two, for billing, queries or issues.

However, it is possible to make even bigger savings if you switch to separate suppliers for gas and electricity - currently the average customer can save up to €359 by moving to the cheapest electricity and gas deals out there.

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