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Save up to €342 with Panda Power's new dual fuel tariff

The supplier has just launched gas and dual fuel offerings.

This morning, Panda Power has launched gas and dual fuel tariffs for the first time - and it has come straight in with one of the market-leading dual fuel offers, which is available exclusively through price comparison websites, such as

Panda Power Dual Fuel 28% gas and electricity discount

The new dual fuel plan will cost the average dual fuel customer €1,445.47 per year, a saving of €341.81 when compared to typical standard tariffs.

The company is also offering the option of a cashback deal with a smaller discount, which may suit certain users, such as those with a lower consumption.

Panda Power 15% gas discount

Meanwhile, Panda Power’s new gas tariff comes in at €682 per year, which means Flogas is still the cheapest gas-only supplier, as it’s 22% discount plan will cost the average gas customer €628 per year.

Should I switch energy supplier?

If you haven’t switched in a while, you could make huge savings by doing so. On top of this, in the coming weeks, it’s likely we’ll all be seeing unusually high bills for this time of year as a result of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma.

This means that now is a great time to shop around for a new plan, as you’ll be able to claw back some savings on your energy bills for the rest of the year.

Before switching:

  • You should always get an accurate comparison based on your actual consumption over the past year to be sure you’re getting the best deal for your household’s individual circumstances and needs.
  • Make sure you think about your usage and whether or not cashback or a lower ongoing rate is more important to you - this may depend on the size of your household, as cashback is likely to have less of an impact on your overall energy costs if you have a higher consumption.

Compare energy deals now

Existing Panda Power customer?

If you are currently a Panda Power or Greenstar customer, you will be entitled to the new dual fuel deal.

On top of this, you’ll also get an additional discount of 22% off your household waste accounts, which means even bigger savings.

“It’s great to see more competition emerging”

Speaking about Panda Power’s entry into the gas and dual fuel markets,’s Managing Director, Eoin Clarke, said: “Following a winter of energy price hikes, it’s great to see some more competition emerging.

“More choice can only mean better value for consumers - and it’s possible that other suppliers will respond by bringing in big discounts to compete with the new offer.”

Watch this space!