Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

SSE opens new HQ in Dublin

Energy supplier SSE officially opens new €20 million building in Dublin as its headquarters which will be home to 650 employees

The opening follows five years of rapid growth and record investment in the Irish renewable energy industry.

In 2008 SSE acquired Airtricity which is one of Ireland’s leading gas and electricity suppliers. Since that time is has invested over €2 billion into the energy markets in Ireland.

This makes SSE the largest direct overseas investor in the Irish economy between the years 2008 and 2013.

Pat Ribbitte, Minister for Communication who was at the opening congratulated SSE on the move. He also thanked SSE for creating over 1,500 new jobs in Ireland over the past five years.

Chief executive for SSE Alistair Phillips-Davies explained that since acquiring Airtricity the company had rapidly expanded its operations and now played a role in many different part of the renewable energy market in Ireland.

He highlighted the development of the new 460MW gas fired plant which is being constructed in Great Island in Co. Wexford. SSE plans to employ up to 400 employees at this plant alone.

He has also indicated that a further 200 employees would be working in SSE’s wind farm program.

The SSE boss suggested that a large reason for the company’s success was due to a helpful regulatory environment and a supportive government.

He also celebrated the Irish spirit of resilience, stating that this would help the country enter a new period of growth.