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ComReg rules against eircom

New ComReg ruling to benefit customers looking to switch to a cheaper broadband deal

ComReg has just ruled that ‘out of contract’ eircom customers who want to switch to another broadband provider in the Irish market should not have to give one month notice to eircom or pay a penalty.

According to the ruling published on the regulator’s website earlier this month, eircom is no longer allowed to require customers whose contract has expired to give one month notice of cancellation or else pay a penalty.

This will come as good news to consumers who are interested in switching provider, but put off by these unfair penalties which are no longer allowed under the ComReg ruling.

Switcher.ie welcomes this ruling, but has also recently raised concerns about Early Termination Changes (ETC’s), concerns which were supported through our survey of Irish consumers which revealed that 63% of Irish consumers are in the dark about early exit penalties on their broadband contract and 7 out or 9 broadband providers in Ireland charge an early exit fee, with Magnet and Sky being the only providers not to charge.

As Switcher.ie said on launching the findings, “Broadband is fast becoming a household essential, which is why it’s now so important that people get to grips, not just with the cost, but with their contracts too. There are some great packages and deals available, but failure to understand things such as early exit penalties could end up costing you dearly.

We would urge broadband providers to play their part and to ensure that they make these charges as clear and transparent as possible so that consumers don’t get caught unaware. It’s also important that penalties are not allowed to become a barrier to switching.”