Image of cliffs and water with eir rebranded logo in front

From September, the Meteor mobile brand will be no more

Meteor customers will be contacted about this shortly.

This morning it was announced that - after 12 years as a standalone brand within the eir Group - Meteor will be rebranded to eir from September.

eir has confirmed that there will be no change to contracts or mobile plans for Meteor customers.

Existing Meteor customers will even still be able to use the same dedicated customer care helpline numbers after the rebrand.

“The transition will be seamless”

eir’s CEO Richard Moat said the rebrand reflects confidence in the eir brand.

He said that the transition will be ‘seamless’, and that Meteor customers will continue using their mobiles exactly as before.

He added that by focusing on a single mobile brand and reducing the duplication of supporting two brands, eir can offer better value and increased innovation, saying: “Meteor customers may not have realised that they are part of a much bigger network, and they should be reassured that they can now take full advantage of all of the possibilities that come from being an eir customer.”

Powerful mobile coverage in every town

Meteor already operates on the eir network, which has 96% 4G population coverage, so customers will continue to experience the same mobile coverage as they currently have.

There have been some recent innovations from eir, which have added to the eir Mobile offering, such as:

  • WiFi calling, which is only available on the eir network; and
  • A 30-day network satisfaction guarantee for new customers.

The eir Sport app also comes free for eir Mobile customers on certain plans.

Meteor customers will receive either an eDM or text message shortly to inform them of the change. There is also a FAQ available on the Meteor website.