Hand holding up a SIM card

How do I cut my SIM card to fit my phone?

The size of the SIM card you need will depend on the handset you have.

If you’ve got a SIM-only mobile phone deal, you can buy a new handset at any time, without it affecting your plan.

Your SIM card allows your phone to connect to the network and, depending on your phone’s settings, everything from contacts to your messages can be stored on it.

As such, although you might change your handset, you’ll probably want to keep your SIM card. But did you know that different phones require different-sized SIM cards?

What size SIM card does my mobile phone need?

There are three types of SIM cards. From smallest to largest, they are:

  • Nano SIMs;
  • Micro SIMs; and
  • Standard SIMs.

In general, older models take Standard SIM cards, while some newer phones will take Micro SIMs, and the most recent handsets take Nano SIMs.

If you’ve bought a new phone, there should be instructions with it which tell you what size SIM it takes, so take a look at these before cutting or changing your SIM.

My SIM card is too big for my new phone, what can I do?

If your SIM is too big for your phone, you will need to cut it down to the correct size. You can find SIM-card sizers online, which you can print off and then use as a guide to cut your SIM.

Alternatively, your mobile phone operator will have tools in-store to do this for you if you’d prefer.

My SIM card is too small for my new phone, what can I do?

If you change your phone to one which requires a bigger SIM card, it’s a little bit trickier. It’s possible that you will need to get a new SIM from your provider in the correct size. They will normally offer this free of charge, or for a nominal fee, and you can have your contacts etc. transferred to the new SIM in-store, too.

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