Banner showing that iD plans are now half price for the first 6 months

iD bill-pay plans are now half-price for the first 6 months

The offer lasts until the end of September.

It’s back-to-school time, and many people use this opportunity as a fresh start - be it with budgeting, healthy eating, or exercise.

If you’re someone who is hoping to cut back on spending this school year, switching to a SIM-only mobile deal could be a good way to do it.

These plans are already much cheaper than those that include a handset, and now iD is offering half-price plans for the first six months, which means an even bigger saving.

There are plans to suit every type of user, too.

There are some plans with really high data limits, which are ideal for anyone who uses their phone mainly for internet-based activities, like streaming or using messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, if you want a plan that essentially has no limits, there are several plans that could work better for you.

If you’d rather a different type of plan, check out iD’s other standard plans to see if there’s one that suits.

If not, remember that iD is known as ‘The Flexible Network’, so you can actually tailor your plan completely to meet your needs.

You need to sign up to an iD plan by the end of September in order to get your plan for half price for the first six months, so don’t delay!