Nokia 2 phone with Virgin Mobile logo

Looking for longer phone battery life? The Nokia 2 lasts for two days

The phone will be available from Virgin Mobile from 26 February.

While Samsung, iPhone, HTC and Huawei have become the go-to names for many smartphone addicts, none of us can forget the stronghold Nokia had when mobile phones first came on the market.

So, in positive news for Nokia fans, it was announced today that the Nokia 2, which boasts a two-day battery life on a single charge, will be available in Ireland from 26 February.

Features of the Nokia 2

The major selling point of this phone is its two-day battery life, which will set it apart from many other smartphones on the market and should prove popular as we come into the summer and festival season.

On top of this the phone also has:

  • a 5-inch, high-quality LCD display;
  • an 8MP rear camera, with automatic scene detection and auto focus; and
  • a 5MP front-facing camera (for selfies!).

The phone runs on the Android operating system, but has no preinstalls or skins. It receives monthly security updates, so you can be sure it’s staying safe and up-to-date.

Get the Nokia 2 from Virgin Mobile

The Nokia 2 will be available from Virgin Mobile from 26 February, starting at €109 on prepay.

If you’d rather avoid going for prepay, you could also opt to buy the phone outright from Nokia - priced at €99 - and then go for a SIM-only mobile plan instead.

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