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Majority of Virgin Mobile customers to get 5.5 GB of data when roaming in the EU

This applies to customers on Virgin Mobile's Unlimited plan.

There’s been a lot of talk about roaming lately, with the European Commission bringing in new rules around what you can be charged for calls, texts and data when travelling within the EU.

They are dubbing the new rules ‘Roam like at home’, and while it’s true that your calls and texts will cost you the same as they do with your plan at home, the same can’t be said for data charges.

There has been a lot of confusion over this, so Virgin Media is due to contact its Mobile customers today to clear things up.

If you’re on Virgin Mobile’s Unlimited Plan

Virgin Media has said that the vast majority of its Mobile customers are on its Unlimited Plan.

From 1 June, these customers will have unlimited calls and texts, and 5.5 GB of data, when roaming in the EU.

The average Virgin Mobile customer uses 2.7 GB per month, so you shouldn’t find your costs go up when roaming if you’re an average user.

If you’re on Virgin Mobile’s 1 GB plan

A small number of Virgin Mobile customers are on its 1 GB plan, which offers 250 minutes, 250 texts and 1 GB of data.

From 1 June, these customers will have the exact same allowances when they’re roaming within the EU.

How long do these roaming costs apply for?

Virgin Media has said that these roaming rates apply for 40 days of travel - either split across trips or taken in one block.

In theory, ‘roam like at home’ applies to customers who are normally resident (or have stable links and a frequent presence) in Ireland, and is limited to periodic roaming only.

If - over a four month period - calls, SMS or data within the EU exceeds their consumption at home and outside of the EU, surcharges can be applied while roaming within the EU. So, basically, if you spend more time roaming on EU networks than you do logged in at home and roaming, you may face additional charges.

Virgin Mobile deals

At the moment, Virgin Media is offering its customers the opportunity to get its Unlimited Plan for just €5 per month for 5 months, while new customers can get this offer for €25 per month.

Meanwhile, the 1 GB plan is available for €15 per month.

What if I go over my data allowance while roaming in the EU?

According to the European Commission, if you continue data roaming once your limit has been reached you will be subject to a small charge, which is capped at a maximum of €7.70 per GB, plus VAT.

Under the rules. the cost this will decline gradually each year as data usage gets more and more common and will be as low as €2.50 per GB by 2022.