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Why switch with Switcher?

Eight great reasons why Switcher.ie is the place to compare prices and save money on your household bills

Comparing prices and information on energy, broadband and digital TV has never been easier. Switcher.ie has gathered all the relevant information you need to help you get the best deal possible. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for, and we can point you in the right direction.

All facts and information are easily accessible and laid out clearly, making it easier to make the right decisions and save you time and money.

Choosing is made easy through our expert insight

Switcher.ie was established in Dublin in 2011 to help Irish households save money on their regular bills. Using the latest pricing figures from product/service providers in Ireland, our experienced industry experts are constantly on the hunt for money-saving deals for our customers.

Switcher.ie is an Irish company and is owned by Forward Internet Ireland Limited (Company number: 484948. VAT number: IE 9758363T). Our industry experts and staff all work in Ireland. At Switcher.ie we’re working to be the best in our market, it also means that we’re supporting and creating jobs in Ireland.

In the years since 2000, news institutions plus major newspapers, have regularly called our in-house experts for their insight as to how the economy, customer markets and government may change and subsequently affect you.

Our insight and knowledge is trusted by these companies, and, for you, is available for free. This includes news, information on products, guides to switching, and opinion articles. All of which can help you come to the best decision, and it is also made as easy as possible.

Saving money is made easy with us

The majority of our customers visit us to save money. Because we are all fond of a good deal, our site aims to offer you just that. By using our service there are a wide range of products that you could save on, and in just a few minutes. The more that you save, then the more noticeable the difference regarding savings.

Switching can be done by the click of a button

You will need to switch in order to save, because Switcher.ie isn’t just about comparing prices, but about switching to a deal that meets your requirements and saves you money. With ease, you will be able to find an excellent deal, while our customer care department are available to answer your questions.

Finding the best deal for you - not us

When switching to one of our partners, Switcher.ie earns a small commission - when the switch is done through our service. Although in some instances we are not paid by providers at all. When comparing prices we put your needs first, and results are impartial and presented to reflect only the selections you make.

Accurate results are down to our continuous data checks

We use industry experts to tirelessly work on all facts and figures and every bit of information to make sure that everything is accurate. We regard accuracy as being vital in ensuring that you end up with the most suitable deal. We also aim to make sure that what you see is what you get, and that there are no hidden costs.

The best price we can find is always given to you

We strive to get our suppliers to give us the best prices that they can, which then helps you in terms of savings. This means that you won’t find cheaper prices if you chose to go down the direct route. Suppliers are also aware that customers are knowledgeable about comparing prices on most things. Consequently, it’s in their interests to keep their prices low to remain competitive in the results tables that we produce.

We search for exclusive deals for our customers

Because our suppliers value the customers we bring them, we do all we can to get exclusive deals for Switcher.ie customers only. This way, we give you the top broadband, digital TV and utility deals you can’t get anywhere else, helping you save even more money.

How we’re campaigning for a better market to help you

At Switcher.ie we’re working to be the best in our market when it comes to treating customers fairly - never misleading you, making sure you always get the best service, and our website is VeriSign-secured.

Our Services

With Switcher.ie, you can find great deals on a range of services including: