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Community Power

Community Power is the first community owned electricity supplier in Ireland. Details of their electricity-only plan are shown below.

Community Power’s cheapest electricity plan

If your electricity consumption is the same as the average customer, the price shown in the table is what you’d pay for Community Power’s plan for the year.

According to the CRU, the average electricity customer uses 4,200 kWh per year.

Fuel type Plan Name Price
Electricity Standard Electricity €983

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How does this plan compare to other suppliers?

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About Community Power Electricity

Community Power has been operating in the Irish market since November 2019, and was born from Templederry Wind Farm in Co Tipperary - the first community owned wind farm in Ireland.

It’s made up of a partnership of community energy groups with a shared goal - to ensure Ireland has a sustainable energy future.

Community Power believes that the Irish people should have their own stake in renewable power and it wants to share the benefits that renewable energy can bring, with communities in Ireland.

How does Community Power generate electricity?

Community Power buys renewable electricity from some small hydro and wind generators across Ireland, and it’s sold for use in homes, businesses, farms and community buildings.

However, as it hasn’t been operating for a year yet, it can’t officially show its fuel mix and the way the electricity has been sourced.

In the meantime, the graph below shows how electricity is sourced for the All Island Market.

  • Gas 43%
  • Renewable 23.9%
  • Coal 17.9%
  • Peat 12.1%
  • Other 3%

Carbon dioxide emissions: 468 kg CO2 per MWh
National average is 291 kg CO2 per MWh
Source: CRU - 2018 Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions Report

Why choose Community Power?

Community Power has strong community values and is helping to develop additional renewable energy facilities in Ireland for a greener future.

There’s no early termination clause if you take out a Community Power plan, which means you can switch to another supplier at any time without penalty.

All of its customers are treated equally whether they’re brand new or have been with Community Power from the start.

Energy Switching FAQ’s

Are there limits to how many times I can change supplier?

You may change suppliers as often as you like, but your old supplier may charge for cancellation or early termination if you don’t give sufficient notice or you cancel during the minimum term.

Can I revert my decision to change energy supplier?

Under consumer protection laws you have a statutory 14-day cooling-off period. Contact your new supplier if you should change your mind during this period and you can cancel the switch free of charge.

How soon can my energy switch be completed?

As per industry standard, it can usually take 7-14 days for your switch to be carried out. The time it takes for your switch to be completed will depend on the supplier, however, it shouldn’t take any longer than 28 days. Your new supplier will coordinate the switch with your old supplier. It’s important to make sure that you are out of contract with your current supplier before you sign up with a new supplier.

How will I know that my energy switch is complete?

You should receive a welcome pack and price plan information from your new supplier.

I've decided on a new energy supplier/deal - what's next?

So, you have found a new energy deal and submitted an application form to make the switch to a new supplier.

Once your new supplier receives and confirms your application, they’ll handle the switch with your old supplier, so you don’t need to worry about that. Remember, though, that if you decide to switch while you’re still on a discounted tariff with your current supplier, you will have to pay an early exit fee.

After your switch, you’ll receive a final bill from your old supplier, which you’ll need to pay to close your account. Once this is done, you should also ensure you cancel all Direct Debits to this supplier, too.

All energy suppliers use the same network and pipes to provide energy to your home, so you won’t have any interruption in supply.

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