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Flogas has been in operation in the residential market in Ireland since 2007. It offers gas-only plans to consumers and business customers.

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About Flogas

Flogas is a gas supplier, which entered the domestic Irish gas market in 2007. The company now supplies gas to almost 40,000 homes in Ireland.

In March 1995 the Flogas company became a wholly owned subsidiary of DCC plc., which is a leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas & Natural Gas in both Ireland and Britain.

Flogas price changes

Since 2015, Flogas has made two cuts to its gas prices, as follows:

  • 3% cut on 1 April, 2015
  • 2.5% cut on 1 February 2016.

Flogas also has the cheapest gas-only deal on the market at the moment.

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