Pinergy has been in operation in Ireland since 2013. It offers electricity-only, pre-pay plans, and the company has over 20,000 domestic customers.

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About Pinergy Electricity

Pinergy is Ireland’s newest Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) electricity supplier. PAYG means that Pinergy customers receive no bills, instead ‘topping up’ their account like a mobile phone.

Pinergy is a wholly owned Irish company.

How does Pinergy generate gas and electricity?

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) requires that electricity suppliers disclose the sources they use to generate their energy each year. The fuel mix used by Pinergy to produce its electricity in 2015 is outlined below.

Carbon dioxide emissions: 640 kg CO2 per MWh
National average is 312 kg CO2 per MWh
Source: CER’s 2015 Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions Report.

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