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PrePayPower energy

PrePayPower offers Pay-As-You-Go gas, electricity and dual fuel to help you stay in control of your energy costs.

PrePayPower’s cheapest electricity and gas plans

PrepayPower is Ireland’s top pay-as-you-go energy supplier.

The table below display’s PrePayPower’s standard pre-pay electricity and gas plans, and what they would cost the average electricity and gas customer for the first year. You may pay more or less, depending on the size of your household.

According to the CRU, the average electricity customer uses 4,200 kW/h per year, while the average gas customer uses 11,000 kW/h.

Fuel type Plan Name Price
Electricity Classic Pay €1,261
Gas PrePayGas €853

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About PrePayPower Electricity and Gas

PrePayPower offers a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) electricity and gas service. This means that PrePay Power customers receive no bills, instead ‘topping up’ their account in advance, like a mobile phone.

PrePayPower is fully bonded, regulated and licensed just like the other big energy suppliers in Ireland and has over 160,000 Irish customers.

PrePayPower price changes

PrePayPower’s most recent price change took place on 4th October 2020. Electricity prices increased by 2.9% which added €31 to the average electricity bill.

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How does PrePayPower generate electricity?

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) requires that electricity suppliers disclose the sources they use to generate their energy each year.

If suppliers choose not to make a declaration, they are allocated the residual fuel mix, which is the fuel mix left over from the All Island fuel mix after individual supplier’s fuel mixes have been calculated.

For 2019, PrePayPower was allocated the residual fuel mix.

PrePayPower Fuel Mix 2019

  • Gas 45.3%
  • Renewable 34.8%
  • Coal 6.5%
  • Peat 10.4%
  • Other 3%

Carbon dioxide emissions: 405 kg CO2 per MWh
National average is 254 kg CO2 per MWh
Source: CRU - 2019 Fuel Mix Disclosure and CO2 Emissions Report

PrePayPower FAQs

Do I have to pay for installation of the PrePayPower meter?

No, the installation of the meter is free and you can choose a time that suits you.

The engineer will show you how to use your meter and install the app on your smartphone.

How do I switch to PrePayPower?

It’s quick and easy. Just visit our guide, How to switch your gas and electricity, to find out everything you need to know about switching your energy supplier.

How do I top-up my PrePayPower meter?

There are three ways to top up:

  • Mobile App - download on Android or iPhone
  • Website - just top-up online
  • Shop - buy a top-up in your local shop

What are the benefits of prepaid electricity & gas?

There are lots of benefits to choosing pay as you go energy. Here are some of them:

  • Fewer bills to pay
  • No bi-monthly shocks
  • Easy top-up options
  • Free and quick installation
  • Control over your electricity usage
  • The PrepayPower App

What's the customer services number for PrePay Power?

You can phone the Customer Support team via:

  • Telephone: 0818 323 920
  • Website: Contact Us page.

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