Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Deals

30 min charging battery

Infinity-O display

Dual aperture lens camera

7nm processor & 8 GB RAM


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 lets you enjoy the experience of a laptop, gaming console and professional quality camera from the convenience of your phone.

Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy Note 10
NetworkPlan OverviewPrice
Tesco Mobile
Available in
30 Monthly
128GB Size
24 months Contract
500 Minutes
500 Texts
15GB Data
€590.23Upfront cost
€29.51 p/m
Tesco Mobile
Available in
40 Monthly
128GB Size
24 months Contract
2,000 Minutes
2,000 Texts
20GB Data
€491.86Upfront cost
€39.35 p/m
Tesco Mobile
Available in
50 Monthly
128GB Size
24 months Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
30GB Data
€393.49Upfront cost
€49.19 p/m

Galaxy Note 10 key features

Here are some of the main features of the Note 10 at a glance:

  • 30 minute charge: that lasts all day.
  • 7nm processor and 8GB RAM: makes it ideal for streaming, downloading and gaming.
  • Advanced S Pen design: follows your movements, lets you write and draw.
  • Two SIM cards: can be used at once for twice the connection.
  • Cinematic Infinity-O Display (6.3”): with a tiny discreet camera to enhance the view.
  • Up to 256GB internal storage: gives you plenty of room for movies, photos and music.
  • Secure ways to unlock: including face recognition, finger print scanner, PIN, pattern or password.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 for €394

Pay €394 upfront, then €49.19 a month and get unlimited texts, minutes and 30GB data with Tesco Mobile.

What extra features does the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus have?

Some of the enhanced or additional features that the Note 10+ offers include:

  • More battery power: 4300mAh compared with 3500mAh for the Note 10.
  • More storage: 512GB that can be increased to over 1TB using an external microSD card, compared with 256GB for the Note 10.
  • More RAM: 12GB RAM compared with 8GB RAM for the Note 10.
  • DepthVison camera: and AR intelligence that gives you instant measurements of objects.
  • 3D Scanner app: that lets you take a 360 degree picture of an object and turn it into an animated GIF.
  • Video bokeh: that lets you blur out the backgrounds and add special effects in real time, making editing faster.
  • 5G: network option for less lag and more speed.

How well does the camera perform?

It offers all the essentials for high quality photos including:

  • Dual aperture lens
  • Ultra wide camera
  • Live focus
  • Scene optimiser

The Galaxy Note 10 has four cameras, one front and three rear. The tiny 10MP front facing camera has been upgraded to create more natural low light shots - for selfies you’ll want to share.

It can recognise popular subjects and use Local Tone Mapping to adjust settings and improve the quality of the photo.

What can you do with the S Pen?

The S Pen is what the Note range is all about and it’s Samsung’s most advanced yet. It gives you the power to:

  • Navigate through a presentation
  • Play and pause videos
  • Take a photo

It’s designed to follow your natural movements and let you write and draw. You can change the:

  • Camera angle: by moving it clockwise or anticlockwise for a group close up shot or or whole scene.
  • Volume: by gesturing up or down to increase or lower it.
  • Photo you’re viewing: in the Gallery app by flicking left or right to move on or go back.
  • Notes you’ve handwritten into text: with just a tap, and then copy, paste and share them.
  • Ink colour and thickness: to create a more sophisticated drawing.

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Galaxy Note 10 FAQs

Does the Galaxy Note 10 come with a set of headphones?

Yes, it comes with a pair of headphones with a USB-C connector but there is no 3.5mm headphone jack included.

Do I need to insure my Galaxy Note 10?

It’s a good idea to insure a phone that’s expensive to replace, to protect it from things like theft, loss and damage.

You should check whether it’s covered on an existing insurance policy first. Our guide: Do you need mobile phone insurance? can help.

How do I take a screenshot on my Galaxy Note 10?

There are multiple ways you can do this including:

  1. Key combination: Press down the power and volume down button at the same time for about a second. The screen will flash and the shot will appear briefly on the screen.
  2. Palm swipe: Put your hand vertically along the left or right edge of the phone, and swipe in from that edge while keeping contact with the screen. You’ll need to ensure ‘Palm swipe to capture’ is enabled in your settings under: Advanced features, Motions and gestures.
  3. Voice recognition: Activate Bixby and say: “Take a screenshot.” It will be saved straight to the Gallery.

How secure will my data be in the Galaxy Note 10?

The Samsung Knox platform protects your data from malicious attacks and malware.

The multiple unlocking options: face recognition, fingerprint scanner, password pattern and PIN, all help to protect your phone.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 waterproof?

No, it’s not waterproof but it can withstand splashes.

The Galaxy Note10, Note10+ and S Pen have an IP68 rating which is the highest mobile standard for water and dust resistance.