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Super fast 30 min battery charging

6.4” Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED

10MP dual pixel selfie camera



Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

A superior version of the Samsung S10, the S10+ lets you enjoy the same highlights like the Infinity-O display and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner plus a few added extras.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Prices
Samsung Galaxy S10+ Prices
NetworkPlan OverviewPrice
Tesco Mobile
Available in
30 Monthly
128GB Size
24 months Contract
500 Minutes
500 Texts
15GB Data
€442.67Upfront cost
€29.51 p/m
Tesco Mobile
Available in
40 Monthly
128GB Size
24 months Contract
2,000 Minutes
2,000 Texts
20GB Data
€393.49Upfront cost
€39.35 p/m
Available in
Unlimited Plan
128GB Size
24 months Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Data
€79Upfront cost
€40 p/mfor 6 months, then €60 p/m
Tesco Mobile
Available in
50 Monthly
128GB Size
24 months Contract
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Texts
30GB Data
€295.11Upfront cost
€49.19 p/m

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Galaxy S10 Plus key features

There are lots of great features on the Galaxy S10+ but here are some of the main ones:

  • Infinity-O cinematic display: Gives you edge to edge coverage and a brighter clear screen even in bright daylight.
  • Eye comfort display: that reduces harmful blue light by 42% without compromising the colours on screen. You can use your phone into the night without suffering from eye strain.
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner: is directly into the screen so you can just touch to unlock.
  • Intuitive AI with voice recognition: assistant Bixby who can learn your usage habits to create a smart experience for you.
  • 10MP Selfie camera and 8MP RGB depth camera: on the front to help you create selfies and videos you’ll love.
  • Ultra wide camera: that can make amazing single panoramic shots or vertical shots.
  • 4100mAh intelligent battery: to easily last the day, even with heavy usage. The S10+ will learn how you use your phone and power down apps you don’t need automatically.
  • Wireless powershare: that gives you the flexibility to charge some of your other Samsung devices, or even your friend’s phone!

How does the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus compare to the S10?

There isn’t very much between them. Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy S10 offers.

What colours can you get the Galaxy S10 Plus in?

There are glossy finish prismatic colours designed to catch the light and sophisticated ceramic options:

  • Prism white
  • Prism black
  • Prism green
  • Ceramic white
  • Ceramic black

Is there a higher spec Galaxy S10 Plus available?

Yes, but you’ll obviously pay extra. You can get the Performance Edition which comes with 1TB of internal storage which can be increased using a microSD card by a further 512GB.

It has 12GB RAM compared with 8GB as standard - useful if you’re a serious gamer or generally enjoy high usage.

If you don’t need this much data, the standard Galaxy S10+ has 128GB of internal storage which can be increased by 512GB by adding a microSD card.

How to choose a Samsung S10 Plus deal

If the S10+ is for you, it’s time to find the right plan. Think about each of these things to help you choose:

  • Your budget: Some deals have a large upfront cost and low monthly bills and others have a low upfront cost and high monthly bills. Consider your finances and what will work best.
  • Minutes: If you want unrestricted call time included in your bill, look for unlimited minutes. If you don’t make that many calls, check that the minutes included are enough for your needs.
  • Texts: If texting is your main way of communicating, they easily mount up so unlimited texts mean you don’t need to worry about keeping track of them.
  • Data: Check what your current plan includes and ask yourself if it’s enough or you’d like more. There are lots of plans with unlimited data but you’ll probably pay more for this.

Compare all these features easily in each of our mobile bill pay tables.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus FAQs

Does the Galaxy S10+ have wireless charging?

Yes, the S10+ does support wireless charging.

It also offers PowerShare which allows you to wireless charge another Qi enabled device using your S10+.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10+ have a dual sim?

Yes, the S10+ supports a dual sim and you can use one of the SIM slots for an SD card to increase the phone’s memory.

How do I take a screenshot on the Galaxy S10+?

There are several ways of doing this but here are the three main methods:

  1. Key combination: Press down the power and volume down button at the same time for about a second. The screen will flash and the shot will appear briefly on the screen.
  2. Palm swipe: Put your hand vertically along the left or right edge of the phone, and swipe in from that edge while keeping contact with the screen. You’ll need to ensure ‘Palm swipe to capture’ is enabled in your settings under: Advanced features, Motions and gestures.
  3. Voice recognition: Activate Bixby and say: “Take a screenshot.” It will be saved straight to the Gallery.

What's included in the Samsung Galaxy S10+ box?

In the box, as well as the handset itself, you’ll find:

  • Data cable
  • Charger
  • Ejection pin
  • USB connector
  • Earphones sound by AKG