How to get the best family travel insurance

Family travel insurance offers protection for your whole family when you travel abroad. Here’s how to save money and protect your loved ones with a family travel policy.

What is family travel insurance?

It’s a travel insurance policy that covers your whole family, so you don’t need to take out individual policies.

A family travel policy is often cheaper than taking out separate cover for each person, plus some insurers let you add children to your policy for free.

Who does it cover?

You can usually include two adults and your dependent children under 18 on a family travel insurance policy, although some insurers restrict how many people you can include.

  • If you have a large family: Check the maximum number of children you can add to a policy before you get a quote.
  • If you have children over 18: You may have to take out a group policy or arrange separate insurance for your grown up children.
  • If you want to cover more than two adults: For example if you’re going away with grandparents, you will need to contact each insurer to see if they offer this.

Choosing the right family cover

A family travel insurance policy could save you money, but it’s still worth comparing your options to make sure you’re getting the right cover at the best possible price.

You should also think about:

  • How many trips you’re taking: If you’re planning one family holiday a single trip policy could be the cheapest option. If any of your family are likely to travel abroad more than once, annual cover may be more cost effective. Most insurers offer both single trip and annual family cover, here’s more on how to work out which is best for your family.
  • Where you’re going: If all your family members are travelling to Europe then a European policy will be fine. However, if any of your family members may go further afield, worldwide cover is a better option.
  • What you’ll be doing: Some activities are not always included in a normal family policy. For example, if any of your family are going skiing or snowboarding, then adding winter sports cover to your family policy is essential.

You must also declare any pre-existing medical conditions any of your family have before getting a quote. Some insurers won’t offer cover if you have certain conditions, so that might mean you’re better off getting separate cover.

If any of your children are due to go on school trips abroad, check if they’re covered to travel without the rest of the family, some policies offer this as standard but others don’t.

Family travel insurance FAQs

Do you need special travel cover if you're pregnant?

Most travel insurance policies will cover you to travel in the early stages of pregnancy, but you should always check how far into the pregnancy the cover will last. For example, you may be covered to travel up to 32 weeks into your pregnancy but not beyond this date. If you fall pregnant after taking out a travel insurance policy and will be at a late stage in your pregnancy when you’re due to travel, you may be able to claim for cancellation.

Will my child be covered if they travel alone?

It depends on the insurer you choose, but it is possible to get cover for you child to travel alone. They will usually need to be travelling with an adult you know or be flying on an official unaccompanied minor scheme. You may also need to notify your insurer in advance, so always check before they travel.

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