Your guide to winter sports travel insurance

If you’re hitting the slopes finding the right travel insurance before you ski is crucial. Here’s a closer look at winter sports ski insurance and what extra benefits it offers.

What is winter sports travel insurance?

It’s a travel insurance policy that includes extra protection for activities like skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing.

Some standard travel insurance policies exclude these activities because they’re high risk and the cost of medical care on the slopes can be very expensive.

You can add winter sports insurance to both single trip and annual policies, but annual policies usually limit the total number of days you’ll be covered for, so always check this.

For example, an annual insurance policy may only include 14 days of winter sports each year as standard, so if you’re planning a long trip, or several ski breaks look out for this.

What does winter sports insurance cover?

On top of the cover you get from a standard travel policy, you’ll also get extra protection for things like:

  • Injury on the slopes: including emergency mountain evacuation and medical treatment if you fall ill or are seriously hurt while skiing or snowboarding.
  • Piste & avalanche closure: this refunds you the cost of transport to an alternative resort if your destination closes due to a lack of snow or avalanche.
  • Ski pack: this refunds any unused portion of your ski passes or ski tuition if you’re ill or injured on your holiday and unable to take part.
  • Ski equipment: this covers loss or damage to your ski or snowboarding equipment during your trip, and usually includes equipment you own or hire.

How to get the right ski insurance

Always compare winter sports quotes to get the right cover for the cheapest price, follow these steps:

  1. Decide what cover you need: Work out what ski extras you’d like to include but also what you want from the rest of your policy, for example, your baggage and travel money.
  2. Check for exclusions: Check that your destination and the duration of your ski break are covered by each policy.
  3. Compare quotes: To find the best price for your insurance you need to shop around and compare quotes.

For more help read our guide to choosing the right travel insurance.

Ski insurance FAQs

Can I claim the cost of ski passes if I have to cancel my trip?

Yes, if you claim for cancelling your trip, you will be covered for the costs of any excursions, tours and activities. This includes the cost of ski passes if you can’t get them refunded by the resort.

Can I get cover for skiing off piste?

Some policies will cover you for skiing or snowboarding off piste, but this is usually only if you’re accompanied by a qualified instructor.

Does winter sports cover have an age limit?

Yes, some insurers limit the maximum age you can take out ski insurance. This can sometimes be lower than on a standard policy because of the greater risk of injury. It can become more difficult to get cover over 65, so always check for age restrictions before you get a quote.

What activities are included with winter sports insurance?

This varies, but most policies include skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing as standard. You can also usually find cover for other activities like glacier trekking, cat skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling.

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