Eoin Clarke

Eoin Clarke

Switcher.ie’s CEO, Eoin, is Ireland’s leading energy and broadband market expert, with a passion for saving consumers money. He regularly appears on RTÉ Radio 1 and Newstalk talking about how we can all save on our bills, and is often featured in national newspapers like the Independent, Irish Times and the Irish Daily Mail. In his spare time Eoin enjoys rowing and he recently rowed across the Irish Sea as part of The Celtic Challenge to raise money for charity.

Elderly man and young lady at laptop holding bank card

What help can you get paying your energy bills?

If you struggle to pay the day to day costs of running your home, you could qualify for a helping hand with your energy bills. Here are some of the grants and allowances that could help cut the cost of your gas and electricity.

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How to compare gas prices in Ireland

If you’re stuck on a standard gas tariff, you could save hundreds of euro by comparing gas suppliers and switching to a cheaper plan. Here’s how to pay less for your gas supply and find the right plan for you.

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How to compare electricity prices

Switching to a cheaper electricity deal could save you hundreds of euro every year. Here’s how to compare electricity suppliers and switch to a new plan that costs less.

Rural broadband cables being laid on road beside trees

Rural broadband options in Ireland

If you live in a rural part of Ireland getting a fast, reliable broadband connection can be more difficult. We explain what your broadband options are and how to get the best rural WiFi deals.

Gas power plant at night

Should you get prepay gas?

If you’re struggling to pay expensive gas bills, then prepay gas could be for you. Here’s all you need to know about prepay gas, including who offers it, how it works, how to top up, and what it costs.

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The PSO Levy explained

You may have seen the PSO Levy on your energy bills, but what is it? Here’s all you need to know about the PSO Levy and how it impacts your energy bills.

Sign on house for rent

How to switch energy supplier as a tenant

If you’re renting, you could still switch your gas and electricity supplier. Here’s what you need to know about switching energy supplier and reducing your bills.

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How to make your home energy efficient

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home is good for the environment and could save you hundreds of euro on your gas and electricity bills. Here are some of the best ways to save energy at home.

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Early cancellation fees explained

Want to cancel your energy plan and switch to a new supplier? Here’s what you need to know about exit fees and cancellation charges.

Couple sitting on a couch looking at  all of their household bills

What is the average gas and electricity bill in Ireland?

If you want cheaper gas and electricity bills, it’s good to know what the average energy consumption is and how your usage compares. Here’s how to check if you’re an average, low or high energy user.

Woman in call centre with headset taking call

How to complain about your energy supplier

This step-by-step guide explains the process of making a complaint to your gas and electricity supplier in Ireland. Here’s what to do if you’re not happy with any aspect of your energy plan, billing or service.

Wind turbines generating green renewable energy on mountain top

Who offers renewable energy in Ireland?

You can reduce your environmental impact by choosing a green energy plan. Here’s how renewable energy in Ireland works and how to switch to a greener tariff.

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How to switch your gas and electricity

Switching to a new gas and electricity deal is quick and easy, and could save you hundreds of euro. Here’s how to find a cheaper energy supplier and start saving.