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Save up to €420 with Vodafone's summer sale on broadband, TV and phone

Majority of plans reduced to €25 per month for the first six months

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were bringing you all of the new year offers from broadband providers, and now we’ve already moved on to the summer sales.

First up, there are new offers from Vodafone, with the vast majority of its broadband packages and bundles reduced to just €25 per month for the first six months, which could save you up to €420.

Vodafone’s broadband-only plans

Simply Broadband is one of Vodafone’s most-popular deals - it will work really well for you if you’re not interested in a home phone plan or traditional TV package.

In fact, many people are going for broadband-only plans plans now and ditching their TV packages, instead opting for a streaming service for their TV and movie content.

This plan comes with unlimited broadband with superfast speeds of up to 100Mbps, and it is currently reduced from €45 to €25 per month for the first six months - a saving of €120.

Vodafone’s broadband packages and bundles

If you’re not happy with a broadband-only deal because you can’t live without your phone or TV plan, Vodafone also has lots of broadband and phone and broadband, phone and TV plans you can choose from.

On top of broadband with speeds of up to 100Mbps, these plans come with a choice of phone plan, so you’ll need to decide whether you’re happy with unlimited calls to Irish landlines, or you want to be able to call mobiles too.

And, if you decide to add on TV, you’ll have to choose between the two main Vodafone TV packages. Vodafone TV comes with 60 channels, while Vodafone TV Plus has 88. With both plans, you’ll get the Vodafone TV box, which allows you to:

  • Pause, rewind, record and store all your favourite shows.
  • Watch Netflix directly through the TV box with a dedicated button on the Vodafone remote.
  • Record up to four shows at once.
  • Restart a show mid-way through, or catch-up on your favourites that you’ve missed during the week.

You can also experience live TV on the go with the free Vodafone TV Anywhere app. And, if you want even more channels, you could think about adding on Sky Sports and Sky Cinema or eir Sport, too.

Existing Vodafone customer?

Very often, people note that all of the best discounts and offers are reserved for new customers and existing customers don’t get good deals.

However, this isn’t the case with this Vodafone sale. If you’re already a Vodafone customer, you can avail of these great offers if you upgrade to a new plan with the provider.

Sign up by 30 June and save

If you are looking for a new broadband provider, now could be a good time to review the offers out there and think about switching. Vodafone has so many plans, so you’re sure to find one to suit you.

With savings of up to €420 available with this summer sale, switching could make a big difference to your household bills.

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