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Vodafone launches TV service in Ireland

New TV service with more than 100 TV & radio channels to rival Sky,Virgin Media and eir

Vodafone has launched its inaugural TV service in Ireland, featuring more than 100 TV & radio channels and plenty of other first-to-market extras.

It means that Vodafone joins Virgin Media and eir in offering quad-play bundles to the Irish market – broadband, television, home phone and mobile phone services in one. Sky offers a near-similar service but without the mobile option.

Some key features

Vodafone TV comes with a multitude of TV features, including one-touch access to Netflix via a dedicated button on the remote control.

Also available is access to instant 7 day catch-up services, Restart TV, an ability to change channels rapidly and Wireless Multiroom service – giving customers access to recordings anywhere in their home.

Customers can also set up personalised viewing profiles; with up to 300 standard hours of recording space available on the Vodafone TV Box .  

Live streaming on the Vodafone TV Anywhere App is also included in the new TV service, enabling mobile customers to watch their favourite programming in any location – similar to to Sky Go & Virgin Media’s Horizon Go.   

Changing viewing habits

A study from Amarach Research – commissioned by Vodafone to coincide with the launch – revealed that many Irish TV customers are altering their viewing habits, with a quarter now viewing content on-demand and another quarter opting for online streaming.

The firm claims that the launch represents an effort to meet demand among their viewers for greater flexibility.

Vodafone TV customers can build their own packages to suit their household needs and enjoy unique features such as Restart TV and Netflix at the touch of a button. 

Ciaran Barrett, Head of Consumer Fixed, Vodafone Ireland, commented on the launch, “This is a significant move for Vodafone in the Irish market, offering a full TV service to our customers for the first time. Vodafone TV customers can build their own packages to suit their household needs and enjoy unique features such as Restart TV and Netflix at the touch of a button.  

“We’ve listened to our customers to understand what kind of TV service they want and we believe we are delivering great content with an excellent experience that brings convenience and seamless viewing from the home into the hand.”

How it operates

Similar to eir’s TV service, Vodafone TV is an IPTV (internet protocol television) service, operating via its fibre broadband network, meaning customers will need to sign up to one of their fiber broadband bundles in order to get access to the TV service.

According to Vodafone, a minimum speed of 40Mbps is enough to be able to get  Vodafone TV and the service is accessible to around 85% of their customer base.

Channel options

There are two main TV packages to choose from, Vodafone TV and Vodafone TV Plus.  

The basic Vodafone TV package features a minimum of 56 TV channels with 17 available in HD, and a choice of Netflix or the Setanta Sports Pack as an add-on, available free for the first 6 months.

Vodafone TV Plus meanwhile comes with an additional 26 channels including extra kids and comedy channels and a greater range of music and documentary options. Customers also have a choice of selecting 2 of 3 additional add-ons; Netflix, the Setanta Sports Pack or a multiroom box free for 6 months.


Vodafone TV + Simply Broadband is priced at €40 per month for 6 months and €70 thereafter. The more advanced package Vodafone TV Plus + Simply Broadband is priced at €40 for six months with the price rising to €80 thereafter.

Broadband and phone bundle options are also available in the form of Home Essentials and Home Unlimited and these can be bundled with either TV package for an extra €5 and €10 per month respectively.  

Both TV packages are subject to a minimum 18 month contract and are available to compare on Switcher.ie today.

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