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Energy giants give their backing to climote

Former CEOs of Bord Gáis and SSE join advisory board of firm behind remote heating device

The former chief executives of Bord Gáis and SSE have given their backing to climote, the firm that specialises in remote home heating technology.

Both John Mullins (Bord Gáis) and Ian Marchant (SSE) have invested in the award-winning company and have been appointed onto the advisory board of climote.

The firm is seen as the European competitor of Google backed Nest, which recently launched its smart home thermostats in Ireland.

It is estimated that the two individuals were responsible for providing energy to around 11 million out of 29 million homes in the UK and Ireland during the last decade.

Collectively, both Mullins and Marchant were responsible for turnover of more than €30 billion, valuable experience for climote as it seeks to further promote its remote home heating devices. Eamon Conway, Managing Director of climote, said the firm was “extremely pleased” to welcome both Marchant and Mullins on to the advisory board.

“Both are renowned in the energy space,” he explained. “Their acknowledgement and investment in the company is a hallmark for the product itself, as well as validation of our wider utility partnership strategy that focuses on partnering with utility companies to bring our technology to their customers.”

With 45 years of combined experience within the energy sector, both individuals understand the market place and are seeking to expand climote’s market share.

climote: remote heating control

climote’s main smart home device is a piece of home heating technology that can be controlled remotely, helping customers to cut down on energy costs while improving energy-efficiency throughout the home.

The thermostat can be set via a smartphone and controlled from that device from any location, meaning home heating can be controlled even when someone is not in the house.

Connected homes innovator Derek Roddy and ex-Honeywell executive Eamon Conway are behind the climote-patented product, initially launched in 2012. Mullins has also suggested that new products could soon be in the pipeline as the firm looks to build its market share.

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