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Consumer complacency around energy usage pushes up bills

According to new research from energy provider Pinergy, over half of consumers do not actively monitor and adjust their energy usage.

Keeping on top of how much energy you use is very important to keep your usage low and reduce the amount you pay to heat your home. By consistently monitoring your usage it’s possible to make adjustments around the home to scale back how much you use.

However, research released yesterday from Pinergy has revealed that 58% of consumers do not actively monitor and adjust energy usage - leaving them at risk of over paying on their bills.

Of the 42% who say they do monitor their energy consumption, almost four in every five say checking their bills each month is how they go about doing so. This is despite the fact that many consumers don’t submit regular meter readings which result in bills being estimated - and is not a true reflection of a households energy consumption. Other means of energy monitoring that Irish consumers are implementing include Home Smart Meters (14%), the use of smart energy plugs (10%) and smart energy apps (7%).

Consumer intentions

The research also found that just over eight in ten (84%) intend on changing their behaviour and reduce energy costs within the next 12 months - which Pinergy say is a slight drop of 2% on the research figures compiled earlier in 2019. Based on the research, almost three in four consumers (73%) indicated that they intend to install LED lighting, with 15% planning to install a smart meter, 8% planning to get solar panels and only 6% intending to install heat pumps. According to research from in 2018 a third (32%) of Irish consumers were intending on switching electricity supplier in the next 12 months.

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Pinergy is calling on consumers not to become complacent

Speaking of the findings, Enda Gunnell, CEO at Pinergy said: “Energy costs represent a significant annual expenditure for Irish households and these costs are set to rise even further unless consumers equip themselves with the latest tools to more easily support them in how they control and manage this vital utility.”

How can I bring down my energy costs?

In light of the research from Pinergy, Eoin Clarke from is urging consumers to submit regular meter readings and to consider switching to a new supplier to avail of introductory offers and discounts.

“If you haven’t switched supplier in the last 12 months or more you’re most likely paying over the odds for your energy. By switching supplier and making the most of new customer discounts you could potentially save up to €258 on your energy over the course of the year,” said Mr Clarke.

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