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CRU audit finds all energy suppliers compliant with complaints handling code

This is good news for energy customers who want to raise an issue with their supplier.

The CRU has just published the findings of an audit of energy suppliers’ compliance with the Code of Practice on Complaint Handling.

The CRU regularly reviews suppliers’ compliance with the Suppliers Handbook, and decided to make the complaints code the focus of this particular audit.

In good news for energy customers, the CRU found no breaches of the Code of Practice on Complaint Handling by any electricity or gas supplier.

This ties in with recent research from which showed that the majority of complaints made were resolved quickly by suppliers.

However, there was one area identified as having potential for improvement - the CRU recommended that all suppliers evaluate ways to improve communication with customers whose first language is not English and those who have additional communication requirements.

If you’re not sure what to expect when you raise a complaint with your energy supplier, here’s some of the key requirements, as set out in the Code:

  • Suppliers must provide the customer with a satisfactory explanation of their issue, an apology or some form of compensation (where appropriate).
  • There must be at least one level for customers to escalate their complaint.
  • Suppliers must resolve customer complaints within two months.
  • When a customer completes their supplier’s complaints handling process, the customer must receive written notice of closure of their complaint.
  • Suppliers are required to accept complaints from recognised agencies or third parties who are confirmed as acting on behalf of the customer.

If you go through this process and aren’t happy with how your complaint is resolved, you’re entitled to raise the complaint with the CRU, who offers a free dispute resolution service.

The CRU has a helpful guide on escalating a complaint, which is a good reference if you’ve already exhausted the complaints process with your supplier and aren’t satisfied.