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Meteor and HEAnet announce a three-year education deal

New deal will enable teachers and students to access Meteor's 4G mobile broadband network

Meteor has announced a new three-year collaboration with HEAnet that will provide mobile broadband access to more than 60 education institutions in Ireland.

This deal means that more than 180,000 students and around 24,000 staff members at tertiary colleges and universities will be able to take advantage of Meteor’s new mobile broadband package.

In addition, more than 50,000 teachers in second and third level schools and colleges will benefit.

Learning on the Move

“Meteor is delighted to be partnering with HEAnet,” says Niall Dorrian, Director at Meteor Mobile. “This new service will give students and teachers all over the country great value mobile broadband. This move will also support our plans to create wireless broadband access all over Ireland.”

“We have invested heavily in the Meteor network and as a result our customers were the first in Ireland to experience 4G,” says Niall.

“We’re proud to own the biggest 4G network in Ireland. This network will be a great asset to mobile broadband users who can use seamless, superfast broadband while out and about. This will transform research and study for students and staff in third-level institutions all over the country.”

HEAnet is Ireland’s National Education and Research Network. It provides the latest internet, associated ICT and e-infrastructure services to research and education bodies in Ireland.

Always Improving

John Boland, Chief Executive  of HEAnet said:  ”Today’s student requires every increasing access to e-learning platforms and online research and collaboration tools. This new 3-year deal with Meteor can facilitate this and more on their 4G network.”

Its expected that Meteor will reveal more specific details of this offer in autumn.