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Vodafone launches new broadband and home phone plans

New Vodafone home broadband plans focus on “making it easier” for customers

Vodafone has revealed a new suite of home broadband and phone products, with their broadband only product available for €35 a month.

According to Vodafone, their new simplified deals focus on unlimited value, with the aim of “making it easier” and “worry free” for families with larger download needs.

Vodafone’s home broadband products now include an 18 month contract, with free installation and a free wireless modem also included with all new plans. Each package will cater for download speeds up to 100Mbps.

The overhauled portfolio of broadband and home phone products now includes:

Simply Broadband, €35 per month -  Unlimited broadband

Family Essentials, €45 per month - Unlimited broadband and unlimited anytime calls to all Irish landlines

Worry-free Family, €60 per month - Unlimited broadband, unlimited anytime calls to all Irish landlines and unlimited anytime calls to all Irish mobile networks

Add ons

Customers can also benefit from a range of add ons, with unlimited international call bundles starting from €7.50 up to €15 extra per month. Unlimited calls to Vodafone mobiles can be purchased for €10 extra per month and unlimited calls to all Irish mobile networks for €20 per month.

Vodafone RED customers can take advantage of exclusive discounts, with €5 off for 6 months on the Family Essentials package, and 3 months half price on the Worry-free Family bundle.

The launch of new price plans comes on top of the news that Vodafone is partnering with ESB in a joint venture to build a new fibre broadband network which promises to deliver broadband speeds between 200Mbps and 1000Mbps.

Together, ESB and Vodafone are aiming to complete the full roll-out of the network to a total of 50 locations, serving approximately 500,000 homes and businesses in 26 counties. The roll-out is expected to get underway in the next few months.

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