A guide to Vodafone broadband

We’ve got all of the information on the broadband speeds, packages and prices available from Vodafone.

Vodafone offers a variety of broadband packages and plans, starting from just €30 per month. Many of Vodafone’s plans come with decent introductory discounts, with a 12 month contract on most plans.

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What packages are available from Vodafone?

Vodafone’s ‘Simply Broadband’ broadband-only plan

One of Vodafone’s most popular plans is the ‘Simply Broadband’ package, which gives you broadband without having to pay for a phone line or TV plan that you don’t need or want.

The speeds you get will depend on where you live and the type of broadband connection available, such as part fibre broadband and ADSL. Vodafone has even started introducing some gigabit plans.

Vodafone broadband/fibre and phone

If you want a phone with your plan, take a look at Vodafone’s broadband and phone plans, which start from just €30 per month.

Vodafone broadband, TV and phone

While some of us are now happy with broadband-only plans, and access content through streaming sites like Netflix, if you can’t live without your traditional TV plan, you could go for one of Vodafone’s broadband, TV and phone packages, which start from just €45 per month.

With Vodafone TV you can watch all of the Irish and UK channel favourites. Enjoy all the RTÉ, BBC, Channel 4 and Virgin Media channels, as well as kids, news & documentaries, sports and movies.

TV plans from Vodafone

Vodafone doesn’t offer any TV-only plans, so if you want to sign up for Vodafone TV you’ll need to opt for a bundle, or be an existing Vodafone broadband customer.

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Vodafone’s mobile plan

Vodafone’s RED Unlimited Sim Only 30 day plan is one of the most popular.

It’s a SIM-only bill-pay plan, on a 30 day contract, and offers unlimited data with unlimited calls and texts at home and to Europe. Plus, you’ll get 100 minutes and texts to other international countries.

This plan is currently reduced to €25 per month for the first 6 months of the contract, going up to €35 per month after that, representing a saving of €60.

Does Vodafone broadband come with any extras?

Vodafone’s packages come with all equipment, delivery and installation free of charge*, which is an added bonus, as some other providers charge for equipment and/or installation.

If you sign up for a Vodafone package with TV included, you’ll also be able to access Netflix directly through your TV box.

It’s also possible to keep your existing phone number when you sign up to Vodafone broadband.

Free installation applies to Vodafone broadband, TV and home phone Part Fibre plans and Vodafone Gigabit broadband, powered by SIRO. An installation charge will apply on selected Fibre To The Home plans

Vodafone’s deals and costs

Vodafone’s cheapest broadband and phone deal is the Simply Broadband & Talk package, which costs €30 for the first 12 months, and €55 thereafter.

Meanwhile, if you want a package that includes broadband, TV and phone all in one, the Simply Broadband, TV & Talk plan could be a good option for you. This comes in at €45 for the first 12 months, and €85 thereafter.

Remember, if you sign up to a package that includes Vodafone TV, you can also add-on BT/Premier Sport Pack, Sky Sports, or Sky Cinema for an additional monthly charge.

You can also sign-up separately to Virgin Media Sport, which you’ll be able to access via the Virgin TV app.

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Things to be aware of when switching to Vodafone

Before you sign up to any Vodafone plan, make sure you fully review all your options. Most of Vodafone’s packages have 12-month contracts, so be careful to check any discount period - and the price after the discount ends - before signing up.

Are there any Vodafone upgrade deals for existing customers?

If you already have a Vodafone broadband and TV package, you can upgrade by adding on eir sport, Sky Sports, BT/Premier Sport Pack or Sky Cinema. You can also sign-up separately to Virgin Media Sport, which you’ll be able to access via the Virgin TV app.

Meanwhile, if you’re a broadband-only or broadband and phone customer, you could add on a TV package to your plan if you want access to Vodafone TV. Depending on your connection, and where you live, it might also be possible to upgrade to a plan with higher speeds.

Contact Vodafone directly to find out all the options available to you.

Vodafone Broadband vs eir vs Sky vs Virgin Media

If you’re not sure which broadband provider to go for, most Vodafone broadband plans run off the open eir wholesale broadband network, so the broadband service is similar to what you’d get from eir or Sky.

If you want faster broadband, remember that Vodafone also has some SIRO-powered broadband packages available in certain areas, which can offer speeds of up to 1,000Mbps in some cases.

How to switch to Vodafone broadband

Switching to a Vodafone plan is quick and easy. All you need to do is choose which plan you’re interested in and fill in a few details, including your address and bank details. Vodafone will also look for your Universal Account Number.

Make sure you contact your current provider to ensure you’re free to switch, and give them the required notice so that you’re not charged after you’ve switched.

You’ll be able to arrange a cut-off date with them for service and then you can confirm an installation date with Vodafone so you experience as little downtime as possible.

Once the switch happens, you can then cancel any Direct Debits with your current provider.

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