COVID-19 Update - Despite the current coronavirus restrictions you can still switch your energy supplier.

How can I cut my electricity, gas or dual fuel bills?

Believe it or not, there are several easy ways to cut your energy bills, and we can help you get started…

Why reduce your energy costs?

There are loads of benefits to reducing your energy costs. Of course, the main one is that you’ll be saving money on your energy bills, but cutting back on your energy usage can also have huge environmental benefits.

Switch and save up to €475 on your energy bills

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper deal and start saving

How much could you save?

The amount you could save on your bills all depends on the measures you take.

By far the biggest savings can be made by switching energy supplier - the average dual fuel customer can currently save up to €475 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deal on the market.

But, if you’ve recently switched and aren’t free to do so again yet, there are also decent savings to be made by making energy-saving measures around the home.

Top tips to reduce your electricity bills

  • If you haven’t switched in over a year, compare electricity deals and make a switch to a discounted deal. The average user on typical standard tariffs can save up to €283 by switching to the cheapest electricity deal, and those with higher consumption stand to save even more.
  • Make sure that all appliances are fully turned off, rather than left on standby. This will save up to 20% of your appliances’ energy use.
  • Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs. These cost a fraction of the cost of traditional lightbulbs to run and could save you between €5.00 - €22.00 a year, depending on the power of the bulb used.
  • When you’re doing laundry, wash the clothes on the lowest possible temperature, and use your dryer sparingly as it uses up a significant amount of electricity.
  • When you’re making the tea or coffee, only boil the amount of water you need - overfilling the kettle wastes electricity as you’re boiling more water than you need.
  • If you have an electric oven, take a look at our energy-saving tips for cooking which could be a big help.

Top Tips to reduce your gas bills

  • The first thing to do to save on your gas bills is make sure you’re on the cheapest gas deal - this could save you up to €173 if you’re an average user, or even more if you have higher consumption.
  • If your central heating is powered by gas, try turning your thermostat down by just one degree - this could save you up to 10% on your heating bills.
  • Seal off your windows and doors to make sure you’re not losing heat due to draughts.
  • Keep your curtains closed at night to conserve heat, even in empty rooms, and ensure that the curtains don’t hang over the radiators as that will just funnel all your heat out the window.
  • If your cooker is gas powered, our energy efficient cooking tips will help you cut back on your energy consumption in the kitchen.

Top tips to reduce your dual fuel bills

If you have both gas and electricity at home you stand to save up to €475 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market - so if you haven’t switched in a while, take some time to compare deals and do so now.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry - it’s very straightforward and will only take a few minutes to compare deals and complete a switch. Our guide on switching gas and electricity has all of the info you need to help you get started.

Once you’ve switched, take a look at our energy-saving tips to see the quick and easy ways that you can make even bigger savings on your dual fuel bills.

Compare deals and save