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240Mb broadband now standard with all UPC new customer deals

UPC makes 240Mb the norm and reveals new deals allowing customers to save up to €660

UPC announced today that speeds of up to 240Mb are now the standard broadband speed for all new and existing customer upgrade offers. This represents the fastest speed currently available in Ireland.

Triple play

The provider also announced new deals with a €20 discount per month and free TV over 12 months, allowing customers to save up to €660 in total.

With the 240Mb Mobile World and Horizon Max TV bundle, new customers can get free TV for 12 months and €20 off broadband and phone for 12 months. This package includes 22 HD channels and Horizon Go and My Prime.

Broadband and phone

New customers can enjoy €20 off per month for six months on all broadband and phone deals or all broadband only offers.

For those interested in digital TV only, UPC are offering free TV for 12 months. Free activation is included with all new customer offers.

Upgrade offers

Current UPC TV subscribers who add broadband to their existing package can get €20 off broadband for 12 months, saving €240 in the process.

Similarly UPC broadband customers adding any TV package to their existing subscription will be able get free TV for 12 months, with savings up to €480 on offer.

All new and existing customers upgrade offers are subject to an 18 month contract.

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