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Are you impacted by eir's price increases?

eir is writing to customers to let them know bundles are changing, and prices are going up.

Fresh off the heels of the eir Sport launch, eir is back in the news again - this time because of price hikes.

The company is writing to customers to say that its bundles are changing - and the prices for these bundles are going up by between €5 and €8 per month. This means anyone currently on a double, triple, or quad-play package - around 290,000 eir customers - will see a hike on their bills.

The revised bundles will have additional features, for example some customers will get an extra 30 mins of calls to mobiles and others will see up to 60 mins of calls to mobiles or 60 mins of calls to the UK. There are also a greater list of international calls that will now be included in the bundles.

And let’s not forget that all eir broadband customers can also access the eir Sport pack free of charge. This represents a saving of around €300 per year, compared to what you’d pay for this content, and is especially important considering Virgin Media is removing these channels from its offering in a few days.

What can you do if you’re an eir customer being hit by these hikes?

Well, eir has said that they would encourage anyone who has a question to contact them so they can make sure the customer is on the package that best suits their needs, so it’s definitely worth giving them a call to discuss your options.

However, if you’re not happy with the changes and the higher price, and you decide to cancel your contract as a result, you can do so within a 30-day window (from when you receive the letter) without charge.

If you do cancel, you’ll then need to shop around for a new provider. Over three-quarters of us stuck with the same broadband provider last year, which means we missed out on savings or better deals. The market is competitive at the moment, so it’s a good time to snap up a new offer.

For example, Sky’s Sky Fibre Unlimited & Talk Freetime costs €45 per month for new customers, and Virgin Media’s 240Mb and Anytime World bundle costs €30 for the first six months and €50 per month thereafter. Vodafone, meanwhile, has a Home Essentials broadband and phone bundle for €40 for the first six months and €45 per month thereafter.

As well as this, some providers offer cashback, or incentives like free TVs when you switch to them.

When shopping around, it’s worth considering what channels you really want, whether you want unlimited broadband, and if you’re interested in extra features like on-demand and catch-up TV. There are lots of plans out there, so make sure you find one that suits you best.

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