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eir introduces WiFi calling

This means eir and Meteor mobile customers can now receive calls and texts over WiFi.

eir announced last week that it has introduced WiFi Calling.

The introduction of WiFi Calling means that, even without having a mobile signal, 144,000 eir and Meteor mobile customers across Ireland can now make and receive calls and texts over WiFi.

This service is likely to be welcomed by those who struggle with their mobile phone coverage - customers can now tap into a mobile signal by using any WiFi connection or public hotspot, without any additional cost.

The service is also really useful for anyone planning on travelling overseas this summer, as they’ll just need access to a WiFi signal and any calls and texts will just be deducted from their plans, like at home.

“This service brings a greatly improved customer experience”

Speaking about the rollout of WiFi Calling, Sinead Morrissey, eir’s Head of Mobile Product, said it is a “progressive leap forward” in the company’s ambition to bring “seamless connectivity” to its customers.

She added: “This service brings a greatly improved customer experience, enabling the peace of mind to make calls from wherever it suits. eir has invested substantially in our network and today, our customers can reap the positive benefits of the strength of our network.”

Who can avail of eir’s WiFi Calling?

At the moment, the service is available to new and existing post-pay customers on selected plans and handsets. Handsets include the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge and S8 and S8 Plus, as well the iPhone 5C and above.

eir’s WiFi Calling is built into the customer’s handset, making it easy for them to access all their existing contacts without requiring an app.