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Magnet launch new Fatpipe fibre broadband services

Broadband provider Magnet has announced the launch two new super-fast broadband services, Fatpipe 70 and Fatpipe 24

The two new packages make use of the fibre optic broadband network currently being installed across Ireland; giving thousands of customers access to lightning-fast download speeds.

Ireland’s broadband network is currently being upgraded by eircom to deliver a near-full fibre service by 2014, and Magnet is taking full advantage of that.

The provider has said that upgrades will allow it to extend its reach and offer a ‘fibre all the way’ service. The replacing of copper connections with high-speed fibre means that Magnet customers will be using fibre optic for 99% of their web browsing. From the Hibernia Atlantic fibre broadband network to the eircom exchanges, through to the street level cabinets, a Magnet customer’s journey is now almost exclusively over fibre.

The only copper connection is the last short exchange from the street cabinet to the home, giving customers some of the best speeds in Europe. “Magnet fully embraces eircom’s national network upgrade,” said Mark Kellett, CEO of Magnet.

“It’s a really positive step for the Irish broadband market, as it will offer a more consistent, reliable and high quality network to a greater percentage of the population.”

A quarter of a million homes will initially benefit from the Fatpipe 70 service, with a further 250,000 to be added this summer. Available now, this offers lightning-fast browsing speeds and a number of other features for Magnet customers. This Fatpipe 70 broadband service is available for €45 per month and can be combined with telephone and channel add-on options for an additional cost.

The Fatpipe 70 broadband service features:

Up to 70Mb browsing speeds

Up to 20Mb upload speeds

No monthly download limits

No contract broadband

As well as Fatpipe 70, Magnet also has a lower-price Fatpipe broadband service that is more widely available. Fatpipe 24 is available now for €35 per month and can also be combined with phone and additional TV channel add-ons for an extra fee.

The Fatpipe 24 broadband service features:

Up for 24Mb browsing speeds

No monthly download limits

Widespread availability in rural areas

No long contract broadband

As mentioned, both packages do not tie customers into a contract, meaning that customers are able to cancel or change their subscription without fear of losing money. This makes Magnet the only contract-free, unlimited broadband service in Ireland. Both broadband packages come with the option of an add-on phone service – either Simply Phone or Infinity Phone. Simply Phone is available for an extra €9.99 and offers free local and national calls, while Infinity Phone is available for €29.99 extra per month and offers free Top 20 international and mobile calls, as well as free local and national calls.

An AerTV add-on service is also available, delivering all Irish Free-to-Air TV channels, BBC channels and children’s TV channels for an extra €2.99 per month.

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