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Magnet Project Leap to offer up to 1Gb home broadband connection

South Dublin residents to get ultra-fast speeds of up to 1000Mb fibre broadband

A South Dublin apartment development could have the fastest home broadband in the world from next week, as Magnet Networks include it in their fibre broadband Project Leap.

The project is set to offer up to 1000Mb fibre broadband connections to 120 apartments in Stillorgan – speeds that are many times faster than the current fastest connection available across most of Ireland.

Such upload and download speeds will mean it takes just seven seconds to download a HD film, while video-chat services and cloud gaming would be possible at the same time.

Magnet Project Leap offers up to 1000Mb upload as well as download and is an investment project for Magnet Networks in their attempts to include ultra-fast broadband in new build properties.

The project could lead to the roll-out of up to 1000Mb fibre broadband to Magnet Networks’ current fibre customers, which will in turn see a rise in average household broadband usage.

According to Magnet, the average usage via their connections sees 22.7GB of data downloaded per month, of which the majority (68%) is web browsing.

A further 10% is for Netflix, 7% for Google services including YouTube, 5% for torrents, 0.6% for and 9.4% for other types of traffic.

Potentially, 1000Mb speeds would allow 200 Netflix movies to be streamed simultaneously, 100 songs to be downloaded in three seconds or 200 photos to be uploaded to Facebook in just one second and it is thought these ultra-fast speeds could become the norm in several years.

The rise of 4K video content, video chatting, cloud storage and streaming is playing an increasing part in everyday life, which makes having the fastest home broadband available essential.


What it means for the future

The Akami State of Internet report for Q1 also reveals that internet speeds in Ireland are increasing at a rate of nearly 50% a year – meaning the country is ranked tenth in the world for average speeds.

David O’Donoghue, building services manager for JJ Rhatigan & Co. Construction Company, the firm behind the Stillorgan development described it as “building for the future”.

“Magnet’s Project Leap 1000Mb provides a fully lit fibre connectivity that immediately transforms this new build into one of Ireland’s most desirable places to live for tenants,” he said.

Magnet chief executive Mark Kellett said Project Leap would help to give a competitive advantage to companies in Ireland as ultra-fast speeds open up many avenues in the broadband market.

“This project is the latest in Magnet’s history of ‘firsts’ in Ireland, as we transfer our leading-edge capability and corporate fibre horsepower in the business sector to the residential environment,” he explained.

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