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Pure Telecom survey shows Irish accents are baffling virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri

Virtual assistants are getting more and more popular

According to a new survey, published today by Pure Telecom, Irish users of virtual assistants find it difficult to get the software to understand their accents, with a third saying this was a significant drawback of using the software.

Those living in Donegal have it worst, with 39% of users saying they are either never, or only occasionally, understood by their chosen virtual assistant software. After Donegal, those that live in Clare (36%) and Kerry (33%) experience the most difficulties.

In contrast, almost half of people living in Laois say they are ‘always’ understood by their assistant, followed by Roscommon and Carlow (39%) and Limerick (35%).

People believe that using this kind of software has benefits, including the fact that it’s available at any time (36%), it facilitates hands-free use of devices (30%), and it’s entertaining to use (25%).

Most Irish people have used a digital assistant, and many say it has helped them to feel more informed, and become more organised. However, people also say the likes of Alexa, Google Home and Siri have made them lazier and more anti-social. And there are more serious concerns to contend with too, with a quarter saying they worry about personal privacy.

Pure Telecom’s CEO, Paul Connell, said the survey shows that digital assistants are becoming more and more commonplace in our daily lives - and the survey showed six in ten of us use three of more internet-connected devices every day.

Mr. Connell added: “Having a smooth and reliable internet connection is a must in order to enjoy the full benefits and fast responses of a digital assistant. At Pure Telecom, we understand the enormous part fast internet connection plays in people’s lives. We strive to offer the fastest speeds and most reliable connection for each individual customer, while also working with our partners to increase our coverage across the country in both urban and rural locations.”

The online survey of 1,005 adults was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom in June 2018.

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