Joe Persechino Commercial Operations Director EMEA at GSA and Paul Farrell Vice President of Commercial at Virgin Media announce the delivery of high speed internet access to 2000 students living in Uninest Student Residences

Students can get Virgin Media 1GB broadband in Uninest accommodation

Around 2,000 students will benefit from this superfast broadband in various Uninest apartment buildings in Dublin.

Today, Virgin Media announced that it has teamed up with GSA’s Uninest Student Residences to supply over 2,000 students with high-speed internet access.

Virgin Media has said it will supply each student accommodation residence with download and upload speeds of 1GB, smart WiFi and a separate dedicated network for students and staff.

There will also be a separate dedicated network for guests to use while they’re visiting family and friends, which could come in handy.

And the WiFi will also be used throughout the accommodation to give students smart door entry systems, and online access to laundry services.

The Uninest accommodation is in various areas throughout Dublin, like Phibsboro and The Liberties.

Freedom Broadband from Virgin Media

If you’re starting college this year, or going back after a summer off, but you’re not renting at a Uninest development, don’t worry - you can still access Virgin Media’s superfast broadband.

There are lots of broadband and TV plans available from Virgin Media, but the [Freedom Broadband]( plan could be a particularly good option for students.

It’s only a 30-day contract and, as such, there is no introductory discount. However, it’s possible you may only need broadband for 8 or 9 months of the year, especially if you don’t plan on staying in your student accommodation over the summer - so this could work out better in the long-run.

If you’re living in shared accommodation and are signing up for student broadband, you might want to consider an unlimited plan - this means that you’ll pay a set fee every month, regardless of broadband usage. It could help to avoid any arguments come bill time!