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Top 10 reasons to switch to Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides superfast fibre broadband. But that’s just one of the reasons you might want to switch to its service…

Want unlimited mobile calls and data, box sets, a seamless online gaming experience and superfast downloads? Then you need a Virgin Media broadband bundle deal. Here are 10 reasons that make it one of Ireland’s best ISPs.

1. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile launched in the Irish market in October. To celebrate its arrival, existing Virgin Media customers can get infinite data, infinite calls and infinite texts for free for three months, and for €25 a month thereafter. Virgin Media also has a 1Gb mobile plan for just €15 a month, which includes 1Gb of data, 250 minutes and 250 texts. Non Virgin Media customers can get Virgin Mobile with prices starting from €20 and the Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plan from €30 a month.

2. Cheap broadband bundles

Bundling your broadband, home phone, digital TV and SIM-only mobile service together can save you hundreds of euro. Virgin Media is the second provider to enter the quad play market in Ireland and has a range of bundling options available. For €100 a month, you can get 240Mb superfast fibre broadband, Anytime World calls, Horizon TV and Virgin Mobile Unlimited. If you’re happy with triple play, you can get 240Mb superfast broadband, Anytime World calls and Horizon TV for €75 euro a month.

3. Unlimited broadband

Virgin Media’s 240Mb unlimited broadband is perfect for heavy downloaders and gamers, families sharing a connection or students. Because there’s no download limit and no fair usage policy or traffic management, you can get as many movies and songs as you like without having to worry about excess use charges from €45 per month. So, if you really want to make the most of all the entertainment options that internet has to offer, fibre optic is the best solution.

4. Superfast fibre broadband

Virgin Media’s fibre optic network allows it to offer some of the fastest broadband speeds in Ireland. From €45 per month, you can enjoy superfast and unlimited 240Mb broadband as well as anytime local and national calls. At the Switcher Broadband Awards in 2015, UPC, now Virgin Media, was named as the Fastest Home Broadband provider.

5. My Prime

My Prime is Virgin Media’s streaming service included with Horizon TV and Horizon Max TV. It’s like Netflix without the cost. It allows you to watch thousands of hours of box sets and includes a library of global box office movies and a huge range of kids’ favourites and movies. With the My Prime app, you can watch your favourite content on any device, anytime, in and outside of your home.

6. Horizon TV

Horizon TV comes with up to over 100 channels, 22 of which are in HD, including Sky 1, Channel 4, Disney, Discovery and MTV. Horizon viewers can record four programmes while watching a fifth live, and My Prime provides thousands of movies and box sets at no extra cost. Horizon Go is also included at no extra cost. Horizon TV is available from €35 per month.

7. Horizon Wi-Free

Horizon Wi-Free is unique to Virgin Media broadband customers and allows you to connect your mobile or tablet to the Virgin Media Wi-Fi of any other home with Virgin Media broadband. It’s completely free so no there’s need to ask your host for their password.

8. Horizon Go

With the Horizon Go app, you can watch TV anywhere you want on your favourite device. You can enjoy up to 75 channels at home and 49 from outside your home, as well as an extensive On Demand library. Horizon Go also allows you to record your favourite programmes.

9. Virgin Media phone app

The Virgin Media phone app allows you to can use your landline minutes on your smartphone and answer calls made to your landline when you’re away from home. When you’re abroad, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network and phone home for the price of a local call. This free app is available on iOS and Android devices.

10. Best Broadband Provider

For the second year running, UPC, now Virgin Media, was named Best Broadband Provider at the annual Switcher Broadband Awards in April 2015. As well as winning Fastest Home Broadband, Virgin Media also won Best Customer Rated Home Broadband and Most Recommended Broadband.

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