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UPC set to trial Horizon TV in Ireland

1,200 lucky UPC customers will test the state of the art Horizon TV box before its planned launch this year

Broadband and digital TV provider UPC, is stirring up interest within the Irish market by offering a trial of its new, next generation, Horizon TV box to existing UPC customers.

The trial, which requires a promise of confidentiality regarding the product, aims to gather user feedback on the usage of the new service.

The selected 1,200 UPC customers will be given installation of the new Horizon TV box, providing them with a higher-cost package that allows them to sync their televisions with smartphones and tablets.

Other features of the new service include the possibilities of viewing content stored on external devices, such as an iPad, smartphone or laptop.

Users will also be able to choose from news, social media, and utility apps to use through the television and conversely, be able to access and view television content on their smartphone and tablet devices.

The new product is expected to be very similar to the current versions on the market in both Holland and Switzerland. It will also offer improvement on classic digital recording services, by allowing simultaneous recording of up to four channels at a time.

Customers will also benefit from a personalised television show recommendation service, based on the viewing habits of the user.

The Horizon TV box is set to become UPC’s answer to popular Sky products such as Sky Go and Sky Go Extra. The main premises for the new mediabox is to provide customers with a more personalised and immersive digital TV viewing experience.

As yet, UPC is still to announce an official launch date for Horizon TV in Ireland, but it is expected to happen later this year.

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