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Virgin Media becomes fourth broadband provider to announce price increase

The €3.50 'Self-Serve' discount will be removed and there'll be an increase of €1.50 for some customers, too.

We’ve already seen broadband price increase announcements from eir, Sky and Vodafone, and now Virgin Media has confirmed that some of its customers will be impacted by an increase, too. Customers will be contacted about this in the coming weeks.

The €3.50 ‘Self-Serve’ discount is being removed

Virgin Media has already removed the ‘Self-Serve’ discount from new plans, and it will be removed from all customers with effect from 1 January.

Virgin Media says that this discount, which came to €3.50 per bill, was initially introduced to encourage customers to register for My Virgin Media and use it to manage their account.

The provider has said that most of its customers are now registered for My Virgin Media, so the Self-Serve Discount is being removed.

Some customers’ packages will go up by €1.50 per month

Virgin Media has also said some customers will see the cost of their packages go up by €1.50 - anyone impacted by this increase should receive notification from Virgin Media in the coming weeks. The change will be reflected in the first bill after 1 January 2018.

Virgin Media says these customers will still be paying less than new customers for their packages.

Do I have any choice if I don’t want to pay the extra charge?

If any aspect of your contract changes, you are free to cancel without penalty or cancellation charges - in this instance, you will have up to 30 days to do so, from when you receive the notification of the increased charge.

Your personalised notification from Virgin Media will give you further information on this.

If you want to stay with Virgin Media, but don’t want to pay the additional €1.50 per month, you may be able to change your package with them to avail of a different deal - it’s worth giving them a call to discuss this.

Otherwise, you could shop around for a new broadband package to see if there is one out there that suits you better. There are loads of great deals on the market, including introductory discounts on some plans that could save you hundreds of Euro.

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