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Virgin Media launches Freedom Broadband

This new bundle is sure to appeal to students and people who don’t want to be tied to a long contract

Virgin Media has just launched its new Freedom Broadband bundle, which is good news for anyone who is looking for a short-term broadband contract.

The bundle includes 240Mb Fibre Broadband and Anytime World Calls, but unlike Virgin Media’s other bundles, it only has a 30-day contract, meaning it will really suit anyone who doesn’t want to be tied down to a deal for a year or more.

The bundle costs €50 per month, and has a €20 activation fee. Given the short-term nature of the contract, there is no introductory discount. The same deal from Virgin Media on a 12-month contract has a discounted rate of €30 for the first four months, before going up to €50 per month for the remainder of the contract.

However, most students will likely be in their accommodation for around 8 months (October - May), so this could still be a good deal for them. For example:

  • With Freedom Broadband, you can simply sign up and cancel at any time once you give 30 days’ notice. This means you can keep the product for the 8 months you need it and not a minute more. The total cost would be (8 months x €50) + €20 activation fee, totalling €420.
  • With the normal 240Mb and Anytime World Calls deal, you would have to sign up to a 12-month contract, although you may not be in your accommodation for that length of time. So the contract cost would be (4 months x €30) + (8 months x €50), totalling €520.
  • If you went for the 12-month 240Mb and Anytime World Calls deal and cancelled after 8 months, you would pay (4 months x €30) + (4 months x €50) + a €200 cancellation fee, also totalling €520.

So, with the college year starting back again soon, this bundle is sure to appeal to students, as it could save them €100 over the length of the academic year when compared with a normal 12-month contract.

Most broadband and phone contracts range from 12-18 months and cancelling these deals early could mean paying a hefty early termination fee. This new bundle simply requires 30 days’ notice for cancellation.

As well as 240Mb broadband, which should help with all of the college assignments - and Netflix bingeing - the bundle also comes with free local and national fixed landline calls and 400 anytime minutes per month to fixed landline numbers in 22 international destinations. So no excuses for not calling home!

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