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Virgin Media launches 'Online Armour' internet security application

This tool is free for the first 3 months.

Safer Internet Day took place earlier this week. To mark it, Virgin Media called on its broadband customers to take advantage of free parental controls, and also launched a new internet security application called ‘Online Armour’.

Parental controls from Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s parental controls are available to all broadband customers. Once activated, you can easily restrict access to websites that contain age inappropriate content.

To activate it, all you need to do is log in to My Virgin Media, go to the Virgin Media Parental Controls area and select ‘activate’.

Once activated, access is restricted across all devices connected to the Virgin Media broadband network at home.

‘Online Armour’ from Virgin Media

On top of the standard parental controls, this week Virgin Media launched ‘Online Armour’, an on-device application that offers complete internet security, including:

  • anti-virus protection;
  • an app scanner;
  • browsing and banking protection; and
  • parental control features.

Because the protection is device-specific, it means you can set individual controls on a devices, depending on its user. The app provides protection for up to 15 devices.

It is available to Virgin Media customers free for the first three months, and costs €4 per month after that.

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Tom Gaffney from F-Secure, the developer of Online Armour, said: “The F-Secure parental control features inside Online Armour help parents manage limits, filter content and locate their kids’ devices remotely, allowing them to parent their children online from wherever they are.

“By establishing boundaries for kids to explore within limits, our software allows parents to lead their children online, encouraging positive online behaviour without hovering over their shoulders.”

Internet safety in primary school

It’s widely believed that education is one of the best ways to help children to stay safe online. With that in mind, Virgin Media and the National Parents Council are also providing training programmes in primary schools across the country.

Áine Lynch, the National Parents Council CEO said: “To date, The National Parents Council, in partnership with Virgin Media has delivered more than 1,600 internet safety training programmes to primary schools across the country.”

She added: “We’re looking forward to delivering more Internet training workshops to schools around the country during 2018 and providing parents with this confidence.”