Virgin Media Red House Ninjas who can come to fix your home broadband problems

Virgin Media launches ‘Red House’ to help customers make the best of their services

The service will be available to all new and existing Virgin Media customers.

A couple of months ago, Virgin Media announced lots of new changes it was planning for this year.

Now, the first of these - Red House - has been rolled out, and it could be just the ticket for anyone looking to get the best from their Virgin Media broadband and TV.

Customers can avail of the Red House experience in two different ways,either with an in-home visit from Virgin Media’s Red House Ninja tech experts, or using Virgin Media’s ‘always-on support’.

The Red House Ninjas will visit customers’ homes in order to:

  • fine-tune the set-up of their broadband and TV,
  • connect all devices,
  • upgrade equipment, and
  • sort any issues customers are having.

The Red House Ninjas service is available seven days a week from 8 am – 8pm, and each visit is tailored to the customer’s needs looking at their house, devices, and usage.

In terms of the Red House Experience, new customers where self-install is not available or existing customers who needs a maintenance visit to fix a fault will get a visit from the Ninjas free of charge.

However, if a customer requests a Red House Experience there will be a nominal charge of €50.

“The best entertainment needs superfast broadband”

Speaking about Red House, Michael McCarthy, Virgin Media’s Vice President of Customer said that this is the next stage of the company’s “continuous investment in customer experience”.

He added: “The best entertainment needs superfast broadband and our Red House Ninjas give customers the five star experience making all the changes and tweaks necessary to fix any issues and ensure their WiFi is running better than ever before.”

The launch of Red House will see Virgin Media create 40 new jobs in conjunction with its service partner Actavo.

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