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Bord Gáis Energy customers to see their bills go up come 10 March 2019

They are the sixth energy supplier so far to announce a winter price increase.

Although there was a short reprieve at the start of the year for energy price rises, we have been brought swiftly back to reality with Bord Gáis Energy today announcing a price increase. They are now the sixth supplier to do so this winter with customers to see €18.72 added to their annual gas bills and €44.40 added to their annual electricity bills come 10 March 2019.

I’m a Bord Gáis Energy customer - what does this mean for me?

This latest increase will push up gas prices by 2.3% and electricity prices by 4.3% - meaning you will see €18.72 added to your annual gas bill and €44.40 added to your annual electricity bill. This means if your a dual fuel customer with Bord Gáis Energy you will see your annual bills go up by €63.12.

Although this latest increase is not as significant as those announced in 2018 by other suppliers, it is the second time Bord Gáis Energy has announced a price rise in the space of seven months. The combination of these two increases means that the average annual gas and electricity bill will have gone up by €55.44 and €104.40 respectively - or a total of €159.84 for dual fuel customers.

What can I do to avoid this price rise?

If you haven’t switch in the past year odds are you’re already paying too much for your energy and it’s time to switch. There are currently savings of up to €307 to be had by switching which will help bring down your costs - especially in light of this recent hike.

Switch and save up to €359 on your energy bills

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Customers who are worried about the cost of their bills going up should also try and implement some energy saving measures around the home to reduce their usage and in turn, reduce their bill size.

“Unfortunately almost all Irish energy customers will be impacted by one of these winter hikes sooner or later, with some supplier increases already coming into effect.”

Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of, said of the latest price hike: “The latest hike from Bord Gáis Energy comes at at time when a raft suppliers have already upped their prices at the start of winter - and it’s now very likely the remaining companies will do the same. Although, Bord Gáis Energy’s 4.3% electricity increase is at the lower end of the scale it will still be unwelcome news for their energy customers.

“And, although there was a short break between price hike announcements just after Christmas, this announcement today just goes to show that this round of winter increases is still in full swing.”