Electricity pylon and cables in the night sky

Electric Ireland chosen as new sponsor for Graham Norton Show

New sponsorship with the Graham Norton Show makes perfect sense for Electric Ireland

The 13th season of The Graham Norton Show (broadcast on 3e and TV3) has found a new sponsor. Electric Ireland has made itself available as the sponsor of the new series which will start on the 6th of April 2013 and last for 13 weeks.

The company says that its purpose with the sponsorship is to make more consumers aware of the fact that Electric Ireland supplies both electricity and gas.

Irish International was responsible for producing the sponsorship and the animations were produced by Animade. The new sponsorship comes on the back of an exciting new TV ad which was aired for the first time last week, showcasing the companies new brand image.

The sponsorship will consist of a series of 7 and 10 second animated inserts which feature the Graham Norton Show’s famous red chair. The inserts will be broadcast before, during and after the Graham Norton Show on 3e and TV3. Each one will have a surprise ending and the inserts will end with a message that says: “That’s unexpected, like gas from Electric Ireland”.

The company’s marketing manager, Margaret Colton, said that they immediately realized the Graham Norton sponsorship presented them with a great opportunity to reach consumers with the message that the company also supplies gas.

She added that in Ireland the world ‘gas’ was an informal expression for humour and fun, which means it fitted in very well with the Graham Norton Show. A comedy show where the celebrity host is an Irishman interviewing artists from all over the world is aimed at the whole family, very similar to her company’s brand – yet it retains unexpected and fresh elements.

Ms Colton continued by saying that since her company added gas to its product range two years ago, it has acquired 92 000 new customers. In combination with their new ad launched in March the company is eager to build new relationships with customers and the Graham Norton sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to achieve this objective in an engaging yet fun manner.

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