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Energia and GameStop join forces in nationwide deal

Renewable energy supplier will power 50 stores across the country

A leading Irish energy provider Energia has signed a deal with GameStop, a games specialist retailer, to continue providing electricity for 50 of the company’s stores throughout Ireland.

GameStop branches in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford and Limerick will all benefit from the deal involving one of Ireland’s leading providers of sustainable energy.

Graham Cooke, Property Manager Ireland at GameStop, and Shane Canavan, Key Account Manager at Energia, were positive about the renewed deal.

“Energia is delighted to retain the business of GameStop. We supply over one-third of Irish retailers, so choosing to renew their supply contract with us is a natural decision for huge numbers of Irish retailers,” suggested Graham Cooke.

“As well as our competitive prices, Energia also offers excellent customer service. With Energia On-line, customers can simply log on to a secure system and get unlimited access to analyse and interrogate their energy consumption, discover usage patterns and produce reports,” he added.

Energia, one of the leading energy suppliers in the country, currently enjoy a 26% market share of the business electricity and gas market on an all-island basis as well as more than 60,000 customers. The supplier is also is the newest entrant to the domestic gas and electricity market with the company making its entry at the end of January 2014. Energia is currently offering the cheapest dual fuel discount, enabling new customers to save up to 18% on their electricity and 17% on their gas.

This new deal helps to cement their position even further within the gas and electricity supply sector. As one of the world’s largest multi-channel video game retailers, GameStop will also welcome the deal which reinforces their commitment to Ireland. Their Dublin support headquarters currently serve the entire Northern European division of the company’s structure.

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