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Five tips to cut your winter energy bills

Energy bills can quickly mount up during the winter months, so in a bid to keep your gas and electricity bills down, Switcher has put together 5 quick tips:

1. Stop using standby mode

Appliances that are left on standby mode can quickly drive up energy costs, especially when electronic devices such as TVs, phone chargers and set-top boxes are left on nearly all of the time. Many people are aware of the need to turn of these devices, but it is all about getting into good habits – switching off these appliances will help cut energy bills this winter…and all year round as well.

2. Are you owed money by a previous energy supplier?

If an account was in credit when shut down as a result of switching between energy suppliers, you could be entitled to the funds which were left in that account. In the vast majority of cases any money should be returned when the switch occurs, but this has not occurred for every customer – check with your supplier to see if anything is owed.

3. Switch to a cheaper energy deal  

Comparing energy prices is the best way to find the deal that is right for you and there is never a bad time to switch. If you choose to switch energy suppliers ahead of the winter, you’ll face cheaper energy costs during a period when your energy usage is likely to be up compared to the rest of the year. Comparing the best deals and switching supplier with Switcher is quick and easy.

4. What about a smart thermostat?  

Smart thermostats have a range of functions but they all allow users to have greater control over their home heating systems. These devices can provide you with details of energy usage and provide remote access to the heating system, allowing you to control it when not at home. The Nest Learning Thermostat and Climote are two popular devices in the Irish market that could aid in your efforts to bring your energy bills down.

5. Be creative and be prepared

There are plenty of ways to save energy and cut bills, whether it’s by using appliances less or by making small changes to your day-to-day routine. Setting your heating to switch on just before you wake up or switching it off just before bed can cut usage considerably and could see you make a saving.

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