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Flogas customers to see gas prices rise by 12.8% from 1 August

This is the third price hike announcement we've seen this month

Hot on the heels of price increase announcements from SSE Airtricity and Electric Ireland, Flogas has just announced that it is to increase its gas prices by 12.8% from 1 August. The increase will add €92.56 onto the average annual gas bill.

What can I do if I’m impacted by a price hike?

If you’re impacted by one of these recent price hikes - or you’re with a different supplier and are worried there may be another price rise - now is the time to take action.

There are still heavily-discounted plans available to customers who switch to a new supplier, along with ongoing discounts for things like paying by Direct Debit, always paying on time, and opting to receive bills online. However, the problem is that less than 15% of us switch each year, so most of us are missing out on these potential savings.

If you’re an average dual fuel customer, you could save up to €258 by switching from typical standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market. It only takes a few minutes, so why not take the time now to make sure you’re on the best possible discount before these price hikes come into effect?

Switch now and save

I’m not free to switch at the moment, can I still save?

If you’ve switched very recently, you probably signed a 12-month contract and - although price hikes have been announced - you’ll still be locked into this as the vast majority of tariffs in Ireland are variable, meaning rates can rise or fall.

However, you can still make decent savings on your energy bills by taking some energy-saving measures around the home - our guides on energy saving can help you get started.