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Flogas launches cheapest natural gas deal, with 22% discount

This makes Flogas the cheapest gas-only plan on the market for new customers.

Only last week, SSE Airtricity launched new tariffs, including a 20% discount on its gas-only plan, which made it the cheapest gas plan on the market.

But this plan has already been knocked off the top spot by a new plan from Flogas.

Yesterday, Flogas launched its 22% Direct Debit discount tariff, which is now the cheapest natural gas deal on the market.

Save up to €176 with Flogas’s new 22% natural gas discount

So, what does this discount mean in practice?

Basically, the average gas bill for customers on standard rates at the moment is €923.74 per year.

With this new discount from Flogas, that same customer will pay just €747.62, which is a saving of €176.12.

Standard v discounted rates

Research has shown that the majority of customers are on standard energy tariffs, which means that most of us are losing out on huge savings every year.

The average dual fuel customer can save up to €402 by switching from standard tariffs to the cheapest deals on the market, so switching is definitely worthwhile - and it only takes a few minutes using Switcher.ie’s free gas and electricity comparison tool.

And, don’t worry, all of the suppliers use the same pipes and wires to supply your electricity and gas, so there’ll be no interruption in supply,

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